Mobile-only restaurant POS system.

Digital menus & order at table with encrypted QR.

Pay as you go - no subscriptions.

Unlimited free staff accounts syncing with Cloud in real-time.

Free Kitchen Display system

Send orders to the kitchen in real-time, and the optimised order screen provides each prep station with accurate order information such as order size, item details, table ID, timers, and more. A single tap will let the waiting staff know when an item is ready to serve, orders are synced between front and back of house in real-time.

Waiting Staff is Synced with Kitchen in Real-Time

Once an item is served to the customer, the kitchen screen gets updated in real-time. Everyone is kept up to date on the status of orders. You also have unlimited free staff accounts.

Update Menus Directly on Your Mobile

Everyone sees the latest menus in real-time, and you can opt to enhance them with images.

Fantastic Reading Experience

Impress your customers with intuitive user interfaces and smooth menu reading experience.

Minimise Waiting Time

The customer rings a digital service bell directly from their mobile phone. Your waiting staff is notified in real-time.

Support Mobile Payments and Multi-Currency

In partnership with Stripe, we enable you to accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and many bank cards globally. In addition, you choose the currency you prefer.

Free Trial for Three Months

We do not exaggerate or use marketing jargon for marketing our products. Instead, we invite you to try them yourself. We are confident that our products can reduce your operation costs, increase sales, and optimise collaboration between your kitchen and waiting staff.

You can easily close your account on your mobile if your customers or staff are dissatisfied, no questions asked.

Send the code FREE-3-MONTH to us through your in-app messenger to enable your free trial.

Unbeatable Price

No monthly fees.

No subscription fees.

No setup fees.

We only charge 0.5% for each confirmed order.

No App to Download is Bad

It is common for competitors to claim no-app-to-down as a benefit, but this is false. A browser on a mobile device is very vulnerable to security threats, and these risks are beyond your control. Mobile browsers are also less smooth and crash more often than native apps, which means they cannot provide customers with an optimised user experience.

A British Made App

Ottava Apps are made in Edinburgh. We build every part of our systems entirely in the UK to the highest quality possible.

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